Welcome to Jetsetz.com, an upscale travel website designed for Jetsetters just like you! Our goal at Jetsetz.com is to provide you with a unique booking experience that will exceed your expectations about purchasing travel online. To achieve this goal we strive to provide you with a fast, easy to use booking experience that offers exceptional value, supported by responsive, caring travel agents. Life is short, so take advantage of our negotiated rates and upgrade your travel experience!

Exceptional Value

With Jetsetz.com you can enjoy a more upscale vacation for the same price that you would pay for an average vacation on other travel sites. You may ask, how do we offer higher-end vacations at budget prices? Well, the answer is in our focus. Unlike other travel sites that offer everything to everybody, we focus primarily on the value minded traveler that would rather spend a little bit more, but get a much more fulfilling travel experience.

In order to offer great travel deals for our clients, Jetsetz negotiates directly with upscale Travel Suppliers & Wholesalers. In a nutshell, we help our Travel Partners move "market share" and sell their distressed inventory and they reward us with discounted rates. Who wins in this relationship, you do! In most cases, we can save you up to 50% off the cost of International or Business Class Airline Tickets and up to 40% off the cost of 4 or 5 star rated hotels. Package these Travel Products together and we can save you even more.

The Booking Experience

Unlike other travel websites that have built their systems on legacy technologies that are difficult to manage and upgrade, Jetsetz.com utilizes the latest travel technology to provide a booking experience unlike any other travel website. Our technology is fast, intuitive and provides all of the essential information that you will need to research, plan and book your perfect vacation or business trip. We utilize direct-connect and multi-threading technology to search multiple travel databases simultaneously. We then supplement this discounted travel inventory with the world's largest travel database. What does all of this mean for you? A fast, easy to use website that will provide you access to the largest selection of discounted upscale travel inventory available.

Customer Service

Every travel site speaks about customer service but only Jetsetz.com has built its entire company around the experience of its customers. Our goal is to make the booking process informative, seamless and secure so that you will feel comfortable booking your travel with Jetsetz.com. If a problem occurs during the booking process, while you are on your trip, or after you return, please call our toll-free number anytime for support. Our reservations center is located in the US and staffed with some of the most experienced, friendly travel agents in the industry. Our clients appreciate this commitment to service and email us every day with their positive comments and gratitude. We look forward to working with you.