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Things To Do In Frankfurt

  • Visit The Porsche Factory
  • Take A Rhine River Tour
  • Shop The Christmas Market

Frankfurt Flight Tips

   Top Airlines That Fly To Frankfurt

Book cheap flights & plane tickets to Frankfurt with Jetsetz.  Jetsetz is an airline ticket consolidator that specializes in cheap flights to Frankfurt, Germany.  As a wholesaler, Jetsetz compares top airlines & travel websites to find the cheapest flights to Frankfurt.  Some of the top airlines that fly to Frankfurt are Lufthansa, Condor Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, British Airways, KLM Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airways to name a few.  Most of these airlines offer cheap non-stop flights to Frankfurt as well as direct flights to Frankfurt through various airports located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe. Jetsetz also works with international airlines that offer cheap one-way flights to Frankfurt.

   Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

The best way to find cheap tickets to Frankfurt is to book your flights to the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA).  The Frankfurt International Airport is the largest airport in Germany and is the primary gateway into country.  The large amount of airlines that fly to the Frankfurt International Airport makes it the best airport to search for cheap flights to Frankfurt.  If you are searching for flights to the Frankfurt International airport, please enter the airport code FRA into the arrival city search box.  This will narrow your flight search to the Frankfurt International Airport.  For more information on the Frankfurt International Airport, please visit the Airport Transportation section below.
Frankfurt Flight Tip - Frankfurt is one of the top convention cities in Europe.  If you are planning to fly during the spring and fall convention seasons, be sure to book your flight at least 60 days prior to your departure date.  Summer is the peak vacation travel season with the most expensive prices on flights to Frankfurt. 

   Best Time To Fly To Frankfurt

The best time to fly to Frankfurt is between the months of April – June.  This is the prime time to travel to Frankfurt as the weather is pleasant and the prices for flights are cheaper than the peak travel season.  October - December is the low season and is the best time to find cheap flights to Frankfurt.  November is the cheapest month to fly to Frankfurt.  Summer is the peak travel season, with the most expensive prices on flights to Frankfurt.  If you are planning to fly to Frankfurt during this busy time, be sure to book your flight at least 60 days prior to your departure date to get the cheapest fare.  

   Cheap Flights From Frankfurt

The Frankfurt International Airport's central location makes it a great airport to find cheap flights from Frankfurt.  There are numerous international airlines that offer cheap flights departing from the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA).  Most flights departing Frankfurt are handled by Lufthansa Airlines.  If you plan to fly within Germany, you will need to catch a domestic flight departing from the Frankfurt International Airport.  To catch your flight from the Frankfurt International Airport, you will need to move from the International terminal to the Domestic terminal.  Depending on where you are located in the terminal, you also may need to check your bag through customs and security, so be sure to give yourself at least 2 hours to connect to your domestic flight within the airport.

   Frankfurt Airport Transportation

If you choose to fly into the Frankfurt International Airport, you will need to work out your ground transportation.  The Frankfurt International Airport is located 12 km from Frankfurt's city center.  The best way to travel from the Frankfurt International Airport to the Frankfurt city center is to take either a taxi or the RMV Airport Train. The ride from the Frankfurt Airport to the Frankfurt city center takes about 20 minutes.  The public transportation system in general, is great in Frankfurt.  You can get anywhere by the bus, taxi or train once you are in the city center.  If you are planning on traveling to other cities within Frankfurt, you will probably want to hire a rental car.  You can either rent a car at the Frankfurt International Airport or take public transportation into the city center and rent a car at one of the rental car offices located throughout Frankfurt.  For cheap Frankfurt rental cars, please visit the Jetsetz website.

   Frankfurt Tourist Information 

Frankfurt is a major city located in the heart of Germany.   Frankfurt is one of the main economic and cultural centers of Europe.  Frankfurt's economy is heavily influenced by banking and transportation with many of the major banks and transportation companies located here including Deutsche Bank and Porsche Automobiles.  As a result of this industry, Frankfurt, Germany is a major destination for business travelers.  For travelers, not visiting on business, there is much about this city to be enjoyed.  This fascinating city has some of the highest, most avant-garde skyscrapers of Europe with historic renaissance attractions situated all around them.  Just a few hours train ride away, you can visit the German Alps, and the fascinating medieval towns such as Regensburg, Wurzburg and Rothenburg.