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  • Take A Rhine River Cruise
  • Enjoy Munich's Beer Garden's
  • Visit The Historical Sites In Berlin

Germany Travel Information

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    Germany Travel Information

Germany is one of the leading economic powers of the European Union situated in the central part of Europe.   The famous Alps Mountains run along the southern border of Germany with many rivers running through it, and plenty of natural resources.  Germany offer's everything for the visiting traveler to enjoy from beautiful Baroque architecture, fascinating history, picturesque mountain ranges, medieval villages, extraordinary castles, and enthralling traditions. Another major element of the culture of Germany is the German cuisine.  The German cuisine varies for each state. Each region has its own typical food items.  The most popular destinations to travel to in Germany are the Black Forest Area surrounding Munich, the Rhine Valley outside of Cologne and the magnificent Bavarian Alps along the border of Germany and Switzerland.  The famous festivals, such as Oktoberfest in Munich, provide enthusiastic travelers the opportunity to partake in Germany's local traditions.  A visit to Germany should include a trip to Frankfurt.  The city is split into two regions, the Northern and Southern.  Berlin is the capital of Germany and is perhaps also another popular tourist destination.  

German spas and their natural thermal springs have long been known for their curative powers.  Spa goers can relax in heated waters and enjoy fresh alpine air at picturesque health resorts or enjoy a range of treatments at luxurious spa hotels.  The Zugspitze in southern Bavaria is Germany's highest mountain standing at 10,000 feet tall.  In summer the ski runs become hiking trails making this a year-round destination and another of many fantastic things to do in Germany.  Germany's scenic rivers include the Rhine, Moselle, Danube and Elbe.  Visitors can take to the water for a few hours, several days or a couple of weeks on board Germany's river cruising boats to see the historical towns, old castles and vineyards.

   Top Things To Do In Germany

The beautiful countryside, thriving cities, and stellar palaces are just a few reasons Germany is one of the most visited countries in Europe.  Frankfurt is a perfect blend of old and new with roman ruins, millennium-old churches, and a lively museum district which are all located right in the middle of this modern city. Frankfurt is also an aweseom starting point for day trips to the beautiful cities of Heidelberg, Wiesbaden, Maiz as well as the beautiful Mosel and Rhine River valleys.  Berlin is the financial center of Germany and home to much of Germany's financial sector.   Start your visit with a stroll down the Unter de Linden, to trace the city’s evolution, from the Hohenzollern dynasty through to the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich and the GDR. Mitte is without a doubt the most important district in Berlin home to Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Jewish Memorial, Column of Victory, and the Berliner Dom.  Berlin has a thriving nightlife scene with an abundance of great eateries, bars and clubs throughout Berlin to enjoy.  Munich is a vibrant city that is packed with beautiful museums, Bavarian architecture, millennium-old baroque churches, traditional German markets, and traditional eateries serving up yummy German cuisine.  In addition, Munich is the home of the famous beer halls that become packed during its annual beer drinking festival - Oktoberfest.  Just a few hours away, you can visit the German Alps, and fascinating medieval towns such as Regensburg, Wurzburg and Rothenburg.