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   Beijing Travel Information

Although more widely recognized, Beijing is the second largest city in China, with Shanghai now taking the position as the largest city in China.  Beijing is referred to as the "Sleepless City" due to it being the center of commerce and culture of China.  Beijing is the cultural and political capital of China that is growing and changing at a fantastic rate.  The ever-changing city thrives on its dynamic development and captivating history.  The city that was the beginning of Communism is rapidly embracing capitalism as it moves quickly into the 21st century.  The result is a combination of traditional Chinese culture mixed with a rapidly evolving capitalistic society that provides the traveler with a look into the past and future of China. Beijing is the capital of People's Republic of China and is a widespread city with a very sophisticated road system.  The city is grid-style that also encompasses nine expressways for easy access to the national highways.  Renting a car allows you the flexibility to explore what Beijing has to offer.  Although Beijing has a well-organized highway system, you will want to give yourself plenty of time to drive in this city and avoid rush hour if possible.  While you are in Beijing, there are many attractions that are within the city or a short drive outside of the city. 

   Top Things To Do In Beijing

Beijing is the largest and most modern city in China. Travelers will discover architectural surprises, exotic restaurants, unique shopping and entertainment. The main sights within the city are, The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, Juyong Pass, Badaling and the Ming Tombs. Other interesting places within the city of Beijing are Beihai Park, The Yonghe Temple and the Temple of Heaven.  Visitors will want to spend an afternoon at the former site of the 2008 Summer Olympics and see the amazing Beijing Olympic Stadium.  The Great Wall of China is just a short drive away and draws millions of visitors each year. Many tour companies offer 1- and 2-day tours to the great wall as well if you would prefer to get an escort to the lesser visited areas of the wall.  Finally, a visit to Tian'an Men Square while you are in Beijing should not be missed for its historical history. Whether you prefer to enjoy the City of Beijing by visiting the local attractions or relive the history of China, you will be inspired to return to the fascinating city of Beijing.