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   Europe Travel Information

Europe is a continent whose people are as diverse and unique as each individual country that makes up this unique and populous part of the world.  The continent of Europe consists of 51 unique nations which can be broken down further into the 4 geographical regions of Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe.

Northern Europe is the northern region of Europe which includes the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden.  The United Kingdom, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are all part of Northern Europe as well. Each Northern European country offers their own diverse culture, natural beauty and fascinating attractions.  Northern Europe offers something for everyone whether you prefer to experience the breathtaking glaciers of Iceland, relive history by visiting the many historic monuments of the United Kingdom, or experience the best skiing in Norway.  You may experience a taste of several Northern European countries by embarking on a Baltic Sea cruise.  The possibilities are endless when you experience Northern Europe.

Western Europe and Southern Europe are regions of the European continent that consists of countries situated along the Iberian Peninsula, Italian Peninsula, Balkan Peninsula and Mediterranean States.  Each country in Southern Europe offers their own fascinating, culture, language, natural beauty and attractions.  Countries in the Iberian Peninsula include Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Monaco and Gibraltar.  You will experience world history when visiting these countries and how each of them evolved throughout the centuries.  The beautiful ornate Moorish architecture in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar are a must see.  The gorgeous lush valleys and Roman art of Andorra are a visitor's favorite.  The Monte Carlo Casino has been Monaco's main attraction for over a century where you can rub shoulders with the rich and enjoy its world famous opera house.   

There is much to see and do in Eastern Europe.  The Balkan Peninsula of Eastern Europe consists of Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Turkey.  The Balkan Peninsula is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.  The beautiful lush mountain ranges, flowing rivers, picturesque valleys, and untouched beaches are some of the many attractions that draw in visitors to this region each year.